Mosselprom - Poultry Farms, Incubator

Poultry farms of MOSSELPROM Company in Domodedovo was built from scratch in 2003. Nowadays it is one of the most advanced broiler meat production poultry complexes in Europe.
The farms have:

  • incubator with the capacity of 48 mln eggs per year;
  • production capacity – 15,000 tons of chicken meat per year (7.3 mln chickens a year);
  • poultry houses: 3 broiler farms, 12 poultry houses each;
  • up-to-date equipment produced by Dutch companies VDL Agrotek and Stork, wide-known world-leaders in their industry sector.

We managed to build such a poultry complex, running which MOSSELPROM Company exceeded the results of best poultry farms of Europe.

 Address: Domodedovskiy District, Moscow Region
Total area: 50,800 m²
Commencement of works: June, 2003
Type of works: designing, construction
Execution period: 10 months

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