Tverskaya Zastava - Office Centre

The TVERSKAYA ZASTAVA Office Centre is one of the first office buildings in new office centre arisen at Belorusskaya Square. The problem in construction was caused by the building being located directly over the subway. Specialists of our company have developed a special design of foundation, which acts like a cushion and damps all the noises and vibrations in order to provide maximum comfort and safety for all people working in the building. Another peculiarity of the TVERSKAYA ZASTAVA Office Centre is aluminum facade of complex shape that provides a panoramic view to the neighboring Old Believers' Church of St. Nicolas.

Address: 9/3, Lesnaya Str., Moscow
Total area: 6,700 m²
Commencement of works: September, 2003
Type of works: designing, construction
Execution period: 10 months

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Tverskaya ZastavaTverskaya ZastavaTverskaya ZastavaTverskaya ZastavaTverskaya Zastava

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