Gubkino - Residential complex

PSP-FARMAN once decided to construct new, practically entirely self-sufficient housing estate where ≈300,000 m² are dedicated to modern apartments, which would come onto the market at adequate prices, and the rest of ≈80,000 m² dedicated to infrastructure objects that would make the living in this district cozy and comfortable.
Such correlation of areas, when there is 1 m² of infrastructure per every ≈3 m² of apartment, have never used in Moscow before even for elite residential areas construction. We decided to introduce a product of new quality in the Russian housing market.
We managed effectively with all preparation stages of this comprehensive project, thus making it possible to start the the second stage of construction in the beginning of 2010.

 Address: Odintsovо, Moscow Region
Total area: 400,000 m²
Commencement of works: August, 2010
Type of works: development, designing, construction

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